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How to Help Your Loved One Have a Smooth Post-Op Recovery

How to Help Your Loved One Have a Smooth Post-Op Recovery

Has your loved one just been discharged from the hospital after their operation? That’s great news! Unfortunately, their journey to a full recovery doesn’t end with a discharge notice or personal care assistance in Pennsylvania. They must follow a well-supervised post-operative care routine, too.

As your trusted home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we at Goodwill Healthcare, Inc. want to emphasize how important post-op care is. In fact, your loved one’s post-op care can determine whether they would need rehospitalization.

As such, we are listing down some tips you can follow to help your loved one have a smooth recovery:

  • Follow their discharge instructions closely
    Your surgeon will have given you discharge instructions on your loved one’s pain management, medication, and what warrants a medical emergency, so make sure to follow them closely. Review the instructions and don’t hesitate to ask about specifics if something isn’t clear.
  • Never miss follow-ups!
    Follow-up appointments are necessary so the doctor can make sure that your loved one is recovering normally. It’s also a good time to ask questions if you or your loved one have any. Moreover, follow-up appointments can help spot potential issues early on before they have the chance to worsen.
  • Hire a provider of homemaker services
    While you can always take on the task of caring for your loved one, a provider of home care in Poconos, Pennsylvania can ensure that their care progression is on track.

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