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Personal Care Assistance

Home Care Experts in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Our PCA services have been specifically designed for patients who have high-level needs of personal care at home as they face day-to-day challenges due to aging or other health-related conditions.

This includes extra-assistance and delivery of tasks like putting patients in and out of bed, transferring him/her from one place to another place in the house, assisting in Bathing, Dressing, and Grooming Assistance, as well as nutrition management and meal assistance, and medication reminders.

Our personal care attendants are well-selected to give you only the best people who can very well deliver quality care at your home.

Personal Hygiene Assistance
We provide personal hygiene assistance to senior adults and recovering patients who need help in accomplishing these tasks from day-to-day. It is our goal to ensure that patients continue to live dignified and respectable lives by making sure that they are clean and presentable at all times.

Bathing, Dressing, and Grooming Assistance
Due to aging, disability, or other health-related conditions, some individuals may find it difficult to take a bath on their own. That is why our personal care attendants are always ready and available to assist them from bathing, dressing, to grooming.

Toileting Assistance
Being able to use the toilet in private is necessary for some people’s dignity. But as a family member becomes more ill or is having difficulties in moving due to aging, they may need the help of our personal care attendants.

We also ensure that the feeling of independence remains in our patients, so we also allow them the freedom to accomplish things up to their capability. But at all times, we ensure that their safety is our main priority.

As a home care provider in PA, we make sure that our care staff has had years of training when it comes to health and safety, so you can be sure that loved ones are in good hands with them around.