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Senior Care: Tips to Manage Hypertension

Senior Care: Tips to Manage Hypertension

Hypertension or more commonly known as high blood pressure is a common disease that occurs when the blood flowing through the arteries is doing so at a higher than normal pressure. High blood pressure in seniors can lead to severe health issues and increases their risk of stroke and heart disease.

As a home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we will share simple yet effective tips to help manage hypertension in seniors:

  • Lead an active lifestyle
    Blood pressure is known to increase the more you weigh. Being overweight can also cause other issues like sleep apnea which may further increase blood pressure. A home care provider offering personal care assistance in Pennsylvania can assist with exercise to lower the risk of hypertension and manage it better too.
  • Make dietary adjustments
    In addition to exercise, dietary adjustments can help lower blood pressure as well. This may include increasing potassium intake and reducing sodium in your diet. Home maker services can assist with meal preparation following the doctor’s recommendations.
  • Learn effective ways to manage stress
    Stress is another factor that contributes to high blood pressure. Reacting to high levels of stress by smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating unhealthy food can aggravate hypertension. Learning to deal with stress can help manage its symptoms.

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