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Ways to Safeguard Your Health and Prevent Illnesses


Seniors are more susceptible to illnesses compared to younger adults, and this is because aging can affect the immune system. According to healthcare professionals and a home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, senescence, or the process of aging, slows down and weakens an individual’s immune response, which is why going the extra mile in terms of sickness prevention is a must.

Below are ways to effectively reduce your risk of contracting illnesses laid out by a trusted provider of personal care assistance in Pennsylvania:

  • Maintain Good Hygiene
    Hygiene practices such as showering and bathing do more than just ensure comfort and boost self-confidence. They can also reduce your risk of infections and limit the spread of pathogens, which helps reduce your risk of contracting illnesses.
  • Stay Healthy
    Keeping your body strong and healthy by exercising regularly and eatingcan boost your immunity, and by having a strong immune response, you are less likely to contract illnesses.
  • Live in a Clean Living Environment
    A clean living environment can impact your health. Living in a clean home not only maximizes comfortbutalso prevents illnesses and infections caused by bacteria and dirt build-up. And yes, molds caused by inadequate cleaning can also affect your health!

If you need a helping hand with personal carehygiene and homemaking, please feel free to reach out to Goodwill Healthcare, Inc. We have an extensive list of services, including home maker services,that can help you safeguard your health.

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