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What You Should Do After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine


Getting vaccinated is very important, especially for those elders who are receiving home maker services as they age in place. Of course, receiving your two shots of the vaccine is only the first step. Just like surgery, there is a post-jab care regimen to be observed.

First, you must make sure to take a lot of rest the first couple of days after your shot. For now, let your home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania take care of stuff for you. Use this as an opportunity to just chill out. Your care specialist will take care of meal preparation, housekeeping, and other tasks on your behalf.

Second, you must keep a close watch for possible side effects from the vaccine. People who have already been vaccinated reported side effects like chills, fever, muscle pain, and fatigue. You may also experience redness and swelling, especially at the injection site.

If you are experiencing rashes and difficulty breathing, make sure to go to the hospital immediately! Fortunately, personal care assistance in Pennsylvania includes transportation from your home to medical appointments. You might be having an allergic reaction to the vaccine, and this needs immediate medical attention.

Remember, the best vaccine is the one that’s available to you. Let’s help make the world a safer place from COVID-19.

Your elders deserve only quality care at your home when they’re aging in place. Contact us now at Goodwill Healthcare, Inc. for more information.

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