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Take a Well-Deserved Break Through Respite Care


Family caregivers are often unprepared for their job of providing personal care assistance in Pennsylvania to their loved ones. Most of the time, they are given the task due to convenience, or worse, they are the only option. There have been a lot of cases where these caregivers experience burnout. They forget to care for themselves because their focus is shifted to providing care to their loved ones.

But just like any other job, they deserve a break from performing home care and home maker services.

Here are the reasons why respite care is beneficial to family caregivers.

  • Stress and depression are avoided.
  • They can attend to other significant matters that they have not attended to.
  • A professional caregiver takes over who can perform home care. The family can also learn from the strategies and systems done by the caregiver.
  • They can take the rest they need. It helps them recharge and be more revitalized to provide care.

Goodwill Healthcare, Inc. aims to provide family caregivers with their much-needed rest. We are a home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, known for our compassionate caregivers. When your loved one is with us, we treat them like our own. If you need a break, contact us.

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