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Oral Health is Important for Seniors, Too


Teeth age, too. As you get older, daily wear and tear can take a toll on your oral health. However, don’t let these let you down. There are still ways for you or your loved one to keep your smile in its best shape.

Over our time as care providers, we assisted clients with personal care assistance in Pennsylvania. This includes helping them accomplish daily hygiene rituals, including oral health.

If you are your senior loved one’s primary caregiver, you need to look out for the following oral health problems:

  • Dry Mouth
    If their mouth cannot produce enough saliva, there can be risks, such as problems with chewing and swallowing, mouth sores, gum and tooth disease, and thrush.
  • Gum Problems
    Look out for gingivitis and periodontitis. Help your senior maintain oral health through brushing and flossing. Regular visits to the dentist are also crucial.
  • Cavities
    Because older adults often have receding gums, cavities are more likely to develop at the root of the tooth. Personal hygiene assistance can help minimize this risk by reminding your senior to stay on top of their oral care routine.
  • Oral Cancer
    Smoking and other types of tobacco use are the most common cause of oral cancer.

Regular meetings with a trusted dentist can give your senior the care that they need. Aside from that, enlisting the aid of home maker services is also important if other responsibilities hinder you from caring for your loved one. With professional caregivers, you can be at peace knowing that your senior is in good hands.

At Goodwill Healthcare, Inc., you can find well-trained and well-rounded caregivers who are always happy to provide home health care.

If you are looking for a home care provider in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, give us a call.

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