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Home Health Aide

Licensed Caregivers in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for an extra pair of hands to help you in accomplishing simple tasks of daily living, we have just the best people for the job. Our Home Health Aides are available to assist you in caring for yourself by helping you in activities like bathing, grooming, going to the bathroom, moving around, medicating, and feeding.

We also offer services to help you maintain a clean, sanitized, organized, and highly livable space where you can afford to live conveniently and receive quality care at your home.

Our Home Health Aides have passed the rigorous regulatory exams and have been thoroughly selected and credentialed to ensure service satisfaction.

Medication Reminders
Medication adherence is a big factor in maintaining good health and fighting-off disease among seniors. To make sure that there is high compliance, we provide patients with ample and timely reminders on taking their medicines.

Our care staff are available to serve patients at home and not only remind them of the time when they need to take their medications but will also remind or regulate the dosage of the medicines that they are about to take to avoid abuse or adverse side-effects.

Medication reminders are highly useful especially for patients taking maintenance medicines and to those who have degenerated memory functions.